Welcome back to your childhood!

You are at the right place if you are looking for the Commodore 64 / +4, 8bit Atari and / or Spectrum scene. You won't be disappointed if interested in exotic computers of the 80s, early Nintendo, Sega or Atari game consoles either. Arok covers them all and lets you celebrate 8bit love all together :)

About Arok

Arok is an annual demoscene event for retro computer and video game console fans. This is the oldest gathering of this kind in Hungary, which is going to be organized for the 25th time this year. It attracts around 200 enthusiasts to Ajka/Hungary from all around Europe. Attendees can watch regular art competitions, enter gaming contests, listen to hardware and software development presentations, concerts, etc.

To get into the mood right now, you might check the archived video recordings of last year.

Where and when Date: 28-30. 06. 2024.
Location: Ice Rink, Ajka / Hungary
Entry fee: ???? HUF (ca. ??EUR)

For more info feel free to drop an email to arok@singularcrew.hu or call poison: +36702529323. You will find up to date posts on our Facebook page also.


Ajka is a lovely, small town in western Hungary, north to lake Balaton. It is easy to access by train (all Intercities have a stop here) or car (route nr. 8 / E66). We are gathering the 8 bit power in the local ice rink (don't panic - without ice :) ) for the third time. It has plenty of room, easy access, has lots of parking space, owns a bufet and multiple shops are in the close neighborhood also.

If you arrive by train or bus, you need a little walking. You might use this map to get in direction.

Arriving by car is going to be easy as you won't need to get into the town center. From route nr. 8 / E66 head to Ajka from Bakonygyepes (not from Ajkarendek!!!), at the roundabout next to Tesco store take the first exit, leaving the gas station turn to the left. You have arrived ;)


  • place for more than 1000 visitors
  • lot of free parking place
  • biiig screen
  • loud chip music
  • sleeping rooms
  • shower
  • aircondition
  • on spot buffet (warm food, beer, drinks)
  • big stores for cheap food very close
  • garden area
  • 0-24 live stream


Are you looking for a room for the weekend? We can recommend a few options for you:

If you needed a taxi, you can call Gyula Dubinczky +3630/2441800 or Marcell Nyírő +3630/9319505.

Schedule (WIP)

Friday ??:?? Doors open
??:?? Opening ceremony
??:?? Deadline for remix compo
??:?? Demo show
??:?? Remix compo (Slay Radio live)
??:?? DJ set
Saturday ??:?? BASIC comp. comp. (announcement)
??:?? Cloud computing on the C64 (Awe)
??:?? Service-life (Tóth Zoltán, Tihanyi Róbert)
??:?? Game compo (Adrián)
??:?? Gauntlet & others (Tuan Publisher)
??:?? SIDemu (Mikus Lóránt)
??:?? Deadline for ALL compos
??:?? Music compo
??:?? Concert
??:?? BBQ
??:?? GFX compo
??:?? BASIC compressor compo showcase
??:?? Game Dev compo
??:?? Wild compo
??:?? Demo compo
Sunday ??:?? Pricegiving ceremony
??:?? Doors close

General rules

No smoke/smoking inside ...
No animals allowed ...
No tenting allowed ...
Keep away from football fields ...
Alcohol allowed ...
No drugs ...
Your hardware, your responsibility ...
Big Brother is watching you ...
Bring your power cords ...

Compo rules

Supported hardwares are vanilla Commodore 64 / plus4 + 1541. If you bring a release for an exotic platform, please let us know and / or bring your gear!
C64 releases are run on new SID if not noted otherwise. Old SID is of course available.
Demo entries have a time limit of 10 minutes.
Music entries have a time limit of 3 minutes and 30 seconds (might be longer, but will be faded out). Digitized samples are allowed.
During music playback we show general slides (author, title, note), not the screen of your player.
Remix entries should provide (at least link to) original. For example HVSC in case of C64 covers.
Remix entries should be submitted in 256kbit, constant bitrate MP3 format. It is needed for proper playback on C64.
Graphic entries should have no animation. Workstages are required. Using AI is not allowed. Signature is allowed.
One entry / competition is allowed for each participant.
Remote entries are allowed but those go for the fame only. Prices are handed personally for antendees only. Use arok@singularcrew.hu to submit.
We reserve the right for preselection that includes moving entries to the wild compo or rejecting them.
Entries with porn or racism are going to be excluded for sure.


Are you planing to visit Arok? Help organizing the party by signing into this pre-visitor list! Your friends are going to know that they can expect you and we can calculate costs. Use the email arok@singularcrew.hu to get into the list of fame!

Bánsági Andor
Olessák Róbert
Szél Tomi


We are going to stream the event 0-24 most likely on Twitch and/or Youtube. Info coming soon...