The party is over!

Here you have the compo results + the donwload link to get all releases in a single archive.


Welcome back to your beloved Arok!

You are at the right place if you are looking for the Commodore 64 / +4, 8bit Atari and / or Spectrum scene. You won't be disappointed if interested in exotic computers of the 80s, early Nintendo, Sega or Atari game consoles either. Arok covers them all and lets you celebrate 8bit love all together :)

About Arok

Arok is an annual demoscene event for retro computer and video game console fans. This is the oldest gathering of this kind in Hungary, where organizers have more years with Arok behind than without ;) It attracts around 200 enthusiasts to Ajka/Hungary from all around Europe. Attendees are going to witness regular art competitions, gaming contests, hardware and software development presentations, concerts, etc.

To get into the mood right now, you might check the seminars and concerts of previous events on Youtube.

Date: 14-16. 07. 2023.
Location: Ice Rink, Ajka / Hungary
Entry fee: 6000HUF (ca. 15EUR)

For more info feel free to drop an email to or call poison on +36702529323. You will find up to date posts on our Facebook page also.


Ajka is a lovely, small town in western Hungary, north to lake Balaton. It is easy to access by train (all intercities have a stop here) or car (route nr. 8). Although we are organizing Árok for over 23 years here, we are gathering the 8 bit power in the local ice rink (don't panic - without ice :) ) for the second time only. It has plenty of room, easy access, has lots of parking space, own bufet and multiple shops are in the close neighborhood also.

If you arrive by train or bus, you need a little walking. You might use this map to get in direction.

Arriving by car is going to be easy as you won't need to get into the town center. From route nr. 8 head to Ajka from Bakonygyepes (not from Ajkarendek!!!), at the roundabout next to the Tesco store take the first exit, leaving the gas station turn to the left. You have arrived ;)



Are you looking for a room for the weekend? We can recommend a few options for you:

If you needed a taxi, you can call Gyula Dubinczky +3630/2441800 or Marcell Nyírő +3630/9319505.

Event schedule (WIP)

event 12:00 Doors open
event 17:00 Opening ceremony
show 18:00 Demo show
concert 21:00 DJ set by Teo
show 22:00 Viva Amiga (documentary screening, first presented with Hungarian subs)

compo 11:00 R.E.C. Game compo starts
event 12:00 Deadline for all compos
seminar 14:00 Software Rescue - Csaba Virág
seminar 14:30 TBA - Raf/Vulture
show 15:00 Stamps Back - exclusive interview
compo 16:00 Remix compo
compo 16:30 Music compo
concert 17:00 CSDB's Techno Compo #2 mix (Vincenzo)
event 18:00 backyard BBQ
concert 19:00 DJ set by Ziona
concert 20:00 Megahit synthwave DJ set
compo 22:00 Graphics compo
compo 2X:XX Game Dev compo
compo 2X:XX Wild compo
compo 2X:XX Demo compo

event 01:00 Results & Pricegiving
event 10:00 Party closes doors (keep in mind we have to close 2 hours earlier this time!)

General rules

No smoke/smoking inside
Smoking (including e-cigars) inside the building is strictly forbidden! Smoking area can be found in the backyard. Please, use the bins for your buds!
The installed smoke/fire alarms neither allow laser show inside, but in case we can record such a production outside.

No dogs/cats allowed
The building is brand new and is surrounded by maintained football fields. The maintainer is heavily working to keep this state, that's why leave your buddy this time at home. Thank you for your understanding!

No tenting allowed
Reasons are the same as above. If you want to have a cheap accomodation, check our recommendations in the next section or use the sleeping room.

Keep away from football fields
Reasons are the same as above. Party is running in the stadium. Respect this!

Alcohol allowed
Alcohol consumption is allowed, but be aware of your abilities. If you make trouble, we throw you out.

No drugs
According to Hungarian law, no drugs are allowed. Anything noticed, you will be handed over to the police immediately.

Your hardware, your responsibility
No damage or theft happened so far, but we can't take responsibility for your equipment. Please, take this into account if you bring your valuable retro treasures.

Big Brother is watching you
By visiting our event you implicitly agree to be videotaped or photographed. For your information, we will also have an internet stream, which will be recorded and later published on well known video streaming sites. Furthermore, many of the visitors will create their own photos and record videos, and the location is also equipped with security cameras. That said, when taking videos or photos we kindly ask you to be considerate about the privacy of others.

Bring your power cords
Not a rule but a friendly advice :)

Compo rules


Prepare for party animals like...

adt / absolute
Ati / GS
BSZ / S31
Cargo / Singular Crew
Chesser / Nigaz
Chronos / Absence
Füvesi / Singular Crew
GCS / Ideal
Larry / Profik
Leeroy / SMV Design
Martinland / Lotek64
Megabyte / Unsoft
Murphy / Exceed
poison / Singular Crew
Raf / Vulture
Rambo / Resource
Ray / Therapy
SEI / Lethargy
Siz / Absence
Soci / Singular Crew
Teo / Focus Design^Rebels
TGM / Singular Crew
Verona / System Syndrome
Vincenzo / Singular Crew
Viti / Hokuto Force
Will / Chimera Design

You can register into this list to help us calculate the party needs and to show your expected presence for other buddies. Send an email to with your handle, group and nationality! Thank you!

The party is online!

Party stream is available on Twitch and/or SceneSat.