The party is over, here are the results...

1.#07119 ptsMetal Warrior Ultra - Glyn R Brown
2.#06115 ptsFlimbo's Quest (subtune 3) - Max Levin
3.#05107 ptsFalcon Patrol II remix - Varga Nadin
4.#0891 ptsSavage (I will never know) - Eivind Sommersten
5.#0389 ptsOil Imperium, Drilling Sequence - Zoltán Varga
6.#0185 ptsFinal Fight stage 1 and boss - DJ McKezdett Kalbász
7.#0480 ptsFist 2 (feat. Vaggelis Papadopoulos) - XxDUSTYxX
8.#0273 ptsThe Alibi (Arok Party edit) - Dr. Future
1.#03288 ptsLetting Ghosts, Defeating Demons - Dave
2.#02277 ptsScotch Koczka - Vincenzo /Lethargy, Singular
3.#01225 ptsSave - Squarewave/Lethargy
1.#10269 ptsThe Curse of Johnny the Starving Cat - Chronos
2.#03260 ptsMary's Last Dream - Leon/SGR^LTH^RSC^CHR
 #04260 ptsCreepy - Facet/G*P
3.#06247 ptsTurning Over - Dave/SIDnify
4.#08244 ptsSpecial Operation - Grass
5.#05225 ptsAmsterdam - Lenyn/Triumwyrat, Onslaught
6.#07215 ptsCPC Ignition - Kato
7.#01214 ptsLake Camping - Luca/FIRE
8.#09200 ptsVadalmafamag - SlySpy
9.#02172 ptsRasterboat - Chesser/Nigaz
1.#02 240 pts Gigantic Monsters - Verona & Délest
2.#01 238 pts Lady Tut - Ati & Csabo
1.#03242 ptsAndor 64 - Kiss Bálint
2.#05202 ptsWaveplaySD - BSZ
3.#04180 ptsGiga-CAD Plus - the Torus - Visac
4.#02176 ptspcsuxx - Adolf/LAL
5.#01130 ptsCafe del Mar - DJ McKezdett Kalbász
1.#06262 ptsStarfleet Academy - Cadets
2.#07238 ptsXXX+I - Lethargy
3.#03208 ptsOnef1ler 2 - Atlantis
4.#05165 ptsTributre to TMR - Kreator/Reality/F4CG/CMS
5.#01137 ptsSpiritual - DnP
6.#02130 ptsLatin Squares - Kaszi75
7.#08120 ptsBilingual - Hokuto Force
8.#04116 ptsHole #23 enigma - ded^RMDA

All releases are available on to download.

Welcome to Arok!

You are at the right place if you are looking for the Commodore 64 / +4, 8bit Atari and / or Spectrum scene. You won't be disappointed if interested in exotic computers of the 80s, early Nintendo, Sega or Atari game consoles either. Arok covers them all and lets you celebrate 8bit love all together :)

About Arok

Arok is an annual demoscene event for retro computer and video game console fans. This is the oldest gathering of this kind in Hungary, organized for the 22nd time now with a single break in 2020 (because of Covid). It attracts over 150 enthusiasts to Ajka/Hungary from all around Europe. Attendees are going to witness regular art competitions, gaming contests, hardware and software development presentations, concerts, etc.

Date: 1-3. 07. 2022.
Location: Jégcsarnok, Ajka / Hungary
Entry fee: 5000HUF

For more info feel free to drop an email to or call poison on +36702529323. You will find up to date posts on our Facebook page also.


Ajka is a lovely, small town in western Hungary, north to lake Balaton. It is easy to access by train (all intercities have a stop here) or car (route nr. 8). Although we are organizing Árok for over 22 years here, the actual party place is new once again. We are gathering the 8 bit power in the local ice stadium (don't panic - without ice :) ) which is most likely the best possible place so far. It has plenty of room, easy access, has lots of parking space, own bufet and multiple shops are in the close neighborhood also.

If you arrive by train or bus, you need a little more walking than before. You might use this map to get in direction.

Arriving by car is going to be easier this time as you won't need to get into the town center. From route nr. 8 head to Ajka from Bakonygyepes (not from Ajkarendek!!!), at the roundabout next to the Tesco store take the first exit, leaving the gas station turn to the left. You have arrived ;)



Are you looking for a room for the weekend? We can recommend a few options for you: