Welcome Visitor! Stay for a while... Stay for the weekend of 21-22 August ;)

Due to the pandemic this time we decided to run Arok online only. We know that you miss the IRL party and be sure, we miss your face too. It was a hard decision but hopefully the right one not to double the gap of last year's skip and not to hit another wave of Covid. Let's see, how dedicated we are! We did a C64 invitation and even a warm-up set for you:

Run on your own C64, download the binary on CSDb!


To submit your entry and/or vote you need to register yourself in the party system. Send your request to arok2021@singularcrew.hu and we send your votekey. Please, include your handle, group and country. This process allows you to login thereafter.

Registered visitors so far (23)

CapaC/Singular Crew [HU], Cargo/Singular Crew [HU], Carrion/Bonzai [PL], Charlie/Singular Crew [HU], da Blondie/Resource [HU], Dr.Future [DE], Fuvesi/Singular Crew [HU], Houruck [HU], Katon/Lepsi Dev. [PL], Leon/Singular Crew^Resource^Chorus [HU], MaD][/Starship [IT], MoC/CTRL-Z [SE], Newlocal/VIP [HU], Pocak/Singular Crew [HU], poison/Singular Crew [HU], Sei/Lethargy [HU], Slaygon/Censor Design/SLAY Radio [SE], Soci/Singular Crew [HU], Vincenzo/Singular Crew [HU], Visage/Lethargy [HU], Votega/CTRL-Z [SE], XxDUSTYxX [DE], Ziona/SLAY Radio [SE]

Compos & Rules

We run common 8bit compos. You can join any of them: register and upload your entry to the party system. We accept releases only this way. Take it serious!

Deadline to ALL compos is 20th August (Friday), 12:00 midday CEST

By default we support Commodore 64/128/plus4 but feel free to contact us with your exotic demands. Unnecessary nude/porn/hate/etc is reason for rejection. Please, respect us with quality instead of bad jokes (not only, but LAL strongly included)! More detailed:

Demo Compo: The demonstration should run on a stock 8bit computer (in case of C64: C64 with old/new SID + 1541). Show is limited to 10 minutes. Let us know the exact runtime and if it needs user interaction.

Music Compo: Stock computers (old/new SID selectable on C64), no covers allowed, should be executable, maximum runtime is 3:30 min (we are going to fade out the music if it is longer). 1 entry/composer.

Game Dev Compo: Should run on a stock 8bit computer/console. Include some instructions how to play.

Gfx Compo: Should be executable, any resolution/mode, no animation/scroll allowed, workstages required, 1 entry/artist.

Remix Compo: Any tool allowed, include or link the original music. Submit in stereo MP3 format using 192kbit constant bitrate. Maximum runtime is 3:30 min (we are going to fade out the music if it is longer). This competition is run by SLAY Radio and will be streamed parallel on their channels and the Arok stream.

Wild Compo: Anything that doesn't fit the categories above. Be creative!

Timetable (WIP)

21st August
09:00 party stream starts
10:00 Seminar: A Commodore 1581 remake (Attila Nagy)
11:00 Partybangers Delight - a SID compilation (Vincenzo)
12:00 Seminar: The Videoton TV Computer (Bery)
13:00 lunch break
15:00 demoshow
17:00 music compo
18:00 remix compo
19:30 Best of Amiga - DJ set (Teo)
20:30 gfx compo
21:00 game dev compo
22:00 wild compo
23:00 demo compo
??:?? results

Watch online!

You can join us via Twitch. We are going to upload the archived capture to Youtube later.