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THE PARTY IS OVER. Check the results and see you next time!
Remix compo
1. Afterburner by Ziona (116 pts)
2. Hypa-Ball by Vincenzo feat. NecroPolo (103 pts)
3. Soft and wet by Chabee (97 pts)
4. R-Type (all-in medley) by NecroPolo (94 pts)
5. Hypaball Árok Remix by Teo (83 pts)
6. Space Doubt (Minionized) by LaLa & The Minions (44 pts)

Music compo
1. Noname by Pudva (110 pts)
2. Zeitmaschine v0.86 by nice/Nigaz (88pts)
3. SIDwizard of Wor by NecroPolo (80 pts)
4. Danmaku (level 1) by Hein/Vision (76 pts)
5. Hindrance by Uctumi/PVM (72 pts)
6. Siempre en mi camino by Los Pat Moritas/PVM (38 pts)

Wild compo
1. Dualwall C64 laser show by Viti & Winks (90 pts)
2. Illumine by LAL (80 pts)
3. Drifting Lights by BitFellas (67 pts)
4. Guitar of wor by Double Score Dungeon (65 pts)
5. Arok firpg! by Lokkolori/Snorlax (50 pts)
6. +B@S by SIDRIP Alliance (44 pts)
7. Signogame by Feryx/Lunaticats (40 pts)
8. adt by Feryx^Lunaticats (36 pts)

Graphics compo
1. Skull'n'Head by Grass (170 pts)
2. VAZ 2101 by Leon/SGR^RSC^Chorus (131 pts)
3. Deerforest by Chesser/Nigaz (78 pts)
4. Carry me to the clouds by Chronos/Absence (72 pts)
5. Rainbow eye by MMS (44 pts)
6. Son of Cell by Rico/PVM (14 pts)

Demo compo
1. Epic Comeback by Resource (110 pts)
2. 25 years later by Lethargy (97 pts)
3. Dreamtime 2K17 +4 by Profik (92 pts)
4. F1 Evolution by EXclusive ON (89 pts)
5. SPiN Me by DnP (53 pts)
6. Dreamtime 2K17 C64 by Profik (51 pts)
7. Creative Lameness +4 by Absence (21 pts)
8. How Gee by Nigaz (20 pts)

Stream available via Youtube:
...or watch it on SceneSat!

Árok Party is an international retro computer and video game meeting organized for the 19th time this year. It is home for all enthusiast of the 8bit era, including (but not limited to) Commodore, Atari, Spectrum, Enterprise and CPC fans. It originates from the demoscene and that's why it has all the common demoscene competitions as main events, but you will find live rpg, seminars on latest developments, retro gaming and even live concerts in the program.

Invitation intro run on C64 by Singular Crew released at the QB Party in Sülysáp/Hungary
[download on CSDb]

Date: 11-13 August, 2017.
Location: Attention! Partyplace has changed compared to previous years!
Ajka/Hungary, Bánki Donát Secondary and Students Hostel
Address: 8400 Ajka, Bródy I. str. 2.
GPS: N47 06.242 E17 33.562 | OpenStreetMap | Google Maps
Entry fee: Because of legal reasons you can enter the party for free. Actually you can pay supporter ticket for 3000HUF / 10EUR. (Please do so: Wanna have another party next year?)

The entrance

By train: Get off from any train/Inter City at the station of Ajka. Have a walk on Alkotmány street until you get to the roundabout. Go on the same direction (street name is Deák Ferenc from here on) until you get to the school. Google Maps
By bus: Take off at Ajka central and have a walk on Petőfi street until you get to the theather. Cross the brook and you are there! Google Maps
By car: Take the GPS coordinates or the exact address (Ajka, Bródy I. str. 2. | N47 06.242 E17 33.562)! There are parking places NOT free in this zone! Check the map below! The school has VERY limited space for cars inside but the streets next to are free for parking. Use them wisely!

Parking lots at the party place. Take in account that there are paying zones in the surrounding!

Parking zones. Not colored streets are your friends.

  • room for 100+ visitors
  • shower
  • BIG screen
  • concert quality audio
  • wifi internet access
  • live stream for the sofa-scene
  • outdoor area - real party is outside
  • exhibition & gaming area of retro computers and game consoles
  • Besides local motels you can rent a room at the student hostel (which is annex of the school). There are 6 beds in a room and it costs 3040HUF for a night / person, 5540HUF for two nights. If you are interested in it, you can do your order at gombos.nikolett@ajkaiszik.hu.

    Room in the student hostel

    In case of remote entry, question, request or emergency use arok@singularcrew.hu
    If you need more specific help:
    Poison: balazs.oszvald@gmail.com | +36702529323
    Cargo: gabor.guzslovan@gmail.com | +36202597406

    Invitation intro by SIDRIP Alliance released at the Revision Party in Saarrücken/Germany
    [download on CSDb]

    No drugs allowed: not inside, neither outside. Just to be clear, the place is next to the police station and we won't think twice if we find you wasted.
    Alcohol is allowed at the place, but not on the street. If you get drunk, you will be kicked outside into the fresh air.
    We are close to residential area: after 10pm the outside activity should turn the volume down. (We are watching you, Detox :) )
    Take care of the equipment / building! Any damage you cause should be payed by you right on spot.
    If you smoke (outside only), use the bins we put all over the place! Thank you.
    We kindly ask you to get rid selectively of your waste. There will be lots of sacks to do so. It will make our lives much easier. Thank you.

    You can enter all demoscene related competitions using any 8bit platform. Bring your gear to be safe we can show your entry on real hardware! Our compo machines are: C64 (VSP safe, old/new SID selectable) + 1541/2 + U1541/2 / ide64 + MP3 card, plus4 + SID card + 1541/2 / 1551. If your hw outputs exotic video signal (no svideo or composite), please contact us in time!

    Any compo can be entered with remote entries, although this way your price is fame only. Use arok@singularcrew.hu for your emails!

    All categories will be pre-filtered. Cancelling an entry is our own right. Porn, provocation, racism are primary reasons for cancelling. Entering any compo you take over the liability that your entry is your own work only and you are responsible for all copyright issues. You grant us the right to freely distribute your work after the party.


    10 minutes max. runtime. Let us know, if it needs any interaction (disk swap, keypress, etc.)!


    Should be executable. Any screen format allowed. Included work stages needed. Animation/scroll not allowed. Can have signature on it. 1 entry / competitor.


    Should be executable. 3 minutes max. runtime. Can use digitized samples. No remixes/covers allowed! 1 entry / competitor.


    Should be a cover/remix of any existing 8bit game / demo tune. 3 minutes max. MP3 format, stereo, max. 256kbit/s constant bitrate. Will be played on C64.


    Disk covers should be submitted BEFORE the party (deadline: 4th August) in jpeg or pdf format, so we can present prints nicely at the place as an exhibition. All disk covers will be printed in b/w and pasted onto a paper frame. You can download a template if needed.


    Anything that doesn't fit into the above mentioned: live performance, animation, tech demo, anything...

    The following time table will surely change...


    14:00 doors open
    16:00 demo show
    18:00 screening: From bedroom to billions: The Amiga years
    21:00 Slay Radio live broadcast with Ziona
    22:30 SID disco performed by Wacek/Arise


    10:00 seminar: Insert Coin - who we are?
    10:30 seminar: Double Score Dungeon under the hood
    11:00 seminar: SD1541 - Zoltán Kollár
    13:30 seminar: self-modified IEEE488 + SFD 1001 on plus4 - MMS
    14:00 4 floors tabletop presentation - Leon
    15:00 screening: Vakondok 4 - Longplay
    15:00 live Laser Squad
    18:00 compo session
    21:30 SIDRIP concert
    23:00 pricegiving ceremony


    10:00 doors close

    Are you planing to visit Arok? Help organizing the party by signing into this pre-visitor list! Your friends are going to know that they can expect you and we can calculate costs. Use the email arok@singularcrew.hu to get into!

    CapaC/Singular CrewC64HUN100%
    Cargo/Singular CrewC64HUN101%
    Chad/SIDRIP Alliance-HUN100%
    Dr. Science/AtlantisC64CHE100%
    Füvesi/Singular CrewC64HUN100%
    Gry/SIDRIP AllianceC64HUN100%
    Joe/Singular CrewC64HUN100%
    Kollár ZoltánSD1541HUN100%
    Leeroy/SMV Đ3$!gNPCHUN100%
    Leon/Singular Crew^Chorus^ResourceC64HUN100%
    Locco Lori/Double Score DungeonC64HUN100%
    Necropolo/SIDRIP AllianceC64HUN100%
    poison/Singular CrewC64HUN$64%
    RawBitsAtari 2600HUN100%
    Slaygon/Censor Design^SLAY RadioC64SWE100%
    Soci/Singular CrewC64HUN100%
    Subi/SIDRIP Alliance-HUN100%
    Vincenzo/Singular CrewC64HUN100%
    Visac/Cult^IDE64 ProjectC64CZE100%
    Werdy/SIDRIP AllianceC64HUN100%
    Ziona/Singular Crew^SLAY RadioC64HUN100%

    SidRok - invitation by SIDRIP Alliance - released at Revision 2017
    Let's be creative - invitation by Singular Crew - released at QB Party 2017
    Árok 2016 releases
    disk cover template for the cover compo
    banner (468x60)
    advert slide (1080p)

    Want to support us? If you have any offer to make the Arok event better, contact us! Easiest is if you download our banner and link our page! Have a few more minutes? Check our supporters by visiting their pages!