*because every pixel-ball counts

The party was shut down successfully. Thank you all for coming and making it a great event once again!
Here you can download the compo results.
...and the releases can be downloaded in a single pack (+ wild entries separated).
Here you have a few photos to download: by Rambo, by Jutka, by Boa

About Arok

Arok Party has the longest story in the 8 bit only, retro computing symposiums. It is organized every year in Ajka/Hungary and it is demoscene and also gaming oriented. That means you will find oldies to play, common demoscene competitions to enter, interesting seminars to listen to and even a live concert where your childhood vibes will get alive! You can be sure, this is the place where your balls are supposed to be!

Watch our authentic invitation running on the Commodore 64:

...or download it from Commodore Scene Database and fire it up right on your own breadbox!


Date is 29-31. July 2016. It is final. Note it in your calendar: 3 days of time travel.


If you are a returning visitor of the party, you can easily reload the GPS coordinates from last year: the gym of the Primary School Laschober Mária at Ajka-Ajkarendek / Hungary is going to be the meeting point once again. Exact address is as follows: Hungary, 8447 Ajka-Ajkarendek, Gyepesi út 22 (GPS: N47 08.316 E17 34.344 or check Google Maps)

How to get there?

If you book a flight to Hungary you will need either to rent a car form the airport or use some local transport to get to the trainstation "Déli Pályaudvar" and travel to Ajka by train. We provide some info about it noted on our map.

By train: All international / Inter City trains have a stop at Ajka. At the station take a bus nr. 14 (official bus guide can be downloaded here.) and get off right at the party place (Rendeki u 2.).

Using coach is nearly the same. If you get off at Ajka final station, find the bus stop for bus nr 14. near the fountain.

If you travel by car we suggest using GPS, but it is mainly about using route nr. 8 (E66). If you travel from north 83 is your friend too. Can't miss, really! At the place you will find parking place for your car. Check this map for further info!


The main hall has enough room for more than 100 visitors. Showers, separate sleeping room and outdoor beertent are available for your pleasure but it's even ok to bring your own tent into the school garden. If needed we can help you find a hotel room. You can buy cheap food, soft and hard drinks in the shop next door but menus of near restaurants will be available too (they all deliver food to the place).

Entry fee

Because of legal reasons you can enter the party for free. Actually you can pay supporter ticket for 3000HUF / 10EUR. (Please do so: Wanna have another party next year?)

What else?

Visiting Hungary and especially our region might get easily more than a retro party. Here is a short list of possibilities to consider close to Arok both in time and space:


What can you expect at Arok? 8bit overdose of course, but let's take a closer look on the menu! Detailed time table is coming soon...

Gaming Association Insert Coin features the best gaming consoles of the 80s. You can test and play all machines of the gaming corner. Meet Mario and Sonic in their original form!

Open-air, live concert
SIDRip Alliance is going to blast at Arok. Bring your Last Ninja masks and headbang together!

Bond/360 was kind enough to let us present their awesome documentary about the rise of the 8bit era. 8-Bit generation: The Commodore Wars is all about the rivalising platforms of the 80s. Have a peek into the list of interviewed persons in the film. Top reason to start your partytime on Friday!

Seminars, talks
Are you interested in the latest software/hardware developments for the 8 bit? Listen to the authors themselves!

SwinSID Ultimate
What is SwinSID Ultimate? Is it for resurrecting living deads or more? This seminar is going to make it clear.

Game compo
In this competition you can test yourself in a wellknown game. Which one? Sorry, but we won't help you train your muscles for this particular one :)

The main events of the party are the competitions on saturday night. These are common demoscene categories. All platforms compete together, the only condition to meet is being 8 bit.

Graphics compo
Should be executable. No animation and no wired art are allowed. Provide workstages for questionable cases. Any screen format are allowed.

Music compo
Must be in executable form. Max. 3 minutes playtime. In case of C64 8580 and 6581 can be selected. Sound cart for plus4 and Spectrum are allowed.

Streaming music compo
Do a cover of your favourite retro game music on any hardware and capture it into mp3 format (stereo, max. 256kbit constant bitrate, 3 minutes playtime max.). Entries will be played on C64.

Demo compo
Max. playtime is 10 minutes. No size restrictions. Should be runable on stock machines (audio cart for plus4 and Spectrum are still allowed).

Wild compo
Anything that doesn't fit in the previous: animations, live-acts, laser shows, etc. Surprise us!

You can enter all of the competitions remotely. Send your stuff to arok@c64.rulez.org. This email address can be used even if you only want your entry to arrive safely.

The compo machines are stock C64s with old/new SID chips + 1541U / IDE64 and plus4. If you want to release on any other platform (we REALLY REALLY encourage to do so!) please contact us!

Live stream & internet
Scenesat is our partner to stream live video to all sofa sceners out there. We are going to prompt the exact URL of the stream on the top of the page by the time we go online. Expect it in the afternoon of 29th July. Besides we plan to install a secondary, full bandwidth wifi network for our visitors.


29.07. Friday
12:00 - doors open / IRL game starts / Insert Coin retro consoles exhibition starts
21:00 - Pentagon demoshow
22:00 - 8-bit Generation: The Commodore Wars - documentary screening

30.07. Saturday
10:00 - Live Microprosse Soccer
11:00 - Live Laser Squad (TM)
13:00 - seminar: Lumafix64 (Péter Sztojanov)
14:00 - seminar: SwinSID Ultimate (CodeKiller, Vincenzo, Hermit)
15:00 - talk show: Member aka Atarian + Dániel Finta about retro, Atari 2600 and internet celebrity
16:00 - seminar: Kick Assembler - Boost your demo coding skills (Murphy)
17:00 - game compo
18:00 - Double Score Dungeon live act feat. Jim Beam
19:00 - SIDRip Alliance concert
22:00 - music compo
22:30 - streaming music compo
23:00 - gfx compo
23:15 - wild compo
23:30 - demo compo

31.07. Sunday
00:10 - results
12:00 - doors close


You can help our job by joining the list of visitors! It is not compulsory to tell your visit, but it can help us predict visitor number and this way expenses. ...not to mention that your friends will know that they can meet you there! Drop an email with your nick / group / preferred platform and nationality to engrave it here.

CapaCSingular CrewC64HUN
CargoSingular CrewC64HUN
CreonixBrain WavePC / AmigaPOL
FüvesiSingular CrewC64HUN
JoeSingular CrewC64HUN
LeeroySMV DesignPCHUN
LeonSingular CrewC64HUN
poisonSingular CrewC64HUN
RachyMethabolix INCplus4HUN
ReekolCrest / ReactC64SVK
SociSingular CrewC64HUN
StackJTriumwyrat / Crims0n jIHADC64HUN
VincenzoSIDRip / Strayboom / Singular CrewC64HUN
WerdySIDRip / Kurzweil&NordC64HUN


This promo for the 8bit generation movie might recover your memories.
Watch the documentary on 29th July at night!

We are proud that we could gather the ex-Commodore World magazine staff in 2011.

Do you remember 2014? We do!


Want to help Arok? Contact us with your plan to get your logo here in the supporters' hall of fame! These initiatives / groups / ventures enable our party to exist! Take a visit to their page by clicking on their logos.