...to Arok, the ultimate retrocomputer meeting! It is the home of all retro computer maniacs: Commodore, Atari, Spectrum and all those with 8bit CPUs beating inside!

Party is over. Thank you all for coming and supporting the 8bit scene!

Here you have the official results:

1. Traz / Chabee (209pts)
2. Prallax / Necropolo (192pts)

1. Raid Over Germany / Celtic Design (180pts)
2. Lumina / Luxoid (176pts)
3. Commodore from hell / Necropolo (169pts)

1. Lunch time / Unreal (202pts)
2. Cloud nine / Leon (170pts)
3. Hey fish / Reekol (82pts)
4. Cave of secrets / JSL (79pts)
5. Abstractum animalis / AMN (61pts)
6. Mechfight / Grass (55pts)
7. Partyland revisited / Chronos (22pts)

1. Afterglow / Absence (186pts)
2. Riverwash 6 invitation / Sebaloz (152pts)

1. Lasershow / Viti (190pts)
2. Animation on plus4 + extra hw (184pts)
3. Video on creation of the party t-shirt / Blasternox (124pts)
4. Colorline / LAL (117pts)

1. Vivat Finlandia / Reekol

You can download the releases together with the source files of the presentations and the role playing game (web-registration is no more available) here.

Thanks to Szab/Pride, recording most of the live stream is right available here.

You can watch the plus4 wild demo (Evo Lution) on youtube.


Send your links and we will post it here!


Place: Gym of Primary School Simon István Ajkarendek, Hungary.
(N47 08.316 E17 34.344 | Google map)
Use this map for additional information! It includes accomodation, restaurants, etc.
Date: 18-20. July 2014.
Entry fee: 2000HUF


enough room for up to 100 visitors
sleeping room and shower
cheap food and soft/hard drinks next to the place
live open-air concert
high quality audio and big screen
common demoscene competitions: gfx, music, demo
live action rpg
game and wild competition

Do you have anything for sale? You are allowed to bring your retro gadgets, sell or exchange them at the place. Except true enthusiasts and collectors, the perfect audience for your stuff! On the neighbors flea markets you can find additional "treasures" in Veszprem or Devecser towns.


18.07. Friday
12:00 doors open, cover competition, live RPG and logo competition starts
17:00 seminar: data storage on Commodore 64 today (Gábor Guzslován)
18:00 show: C64 oldschool demos (selection of the 80s and early 90s)
19:00 The Commodore Knowledge Compo
20:00 show: best of plus4 demos
21:00 show: Europe in 8 bits - documentary about the chip music scene

19.07. Saturday
11:00 seminar: Software development on Atari 2600 (Dániel Finta)
13:00 seminar: homemade CPU for functional programming (András Juhász)
14:00 game competition
15:00 meetup with Tamás Beregi, the author of Pixelhősök (Pixelheroes)
16:00 remix (streamed) music competition
17:00 seminar: FrameworC64, the real "frame"-work (Csongor Halmai)
18:00 talk-show: Jean/Chromance
19:00 Errorport concert
20:00 SIDRip Alliance concert
22:30 show: The Logo Competition finalists
xx:xx music competition
xx:xx graphic competition
xx:xx wild competition
xx:xx demo competition
xx:xx results and prize giving ceremony

20.07. Sunday
12:00 doors closed


demo - max. runtime is 10 minutes
gfx - should be runable, no animation, phases required
music - should be runable, no covers, max. runtime is 3 minutes
remix streamed music - mp3 format, 256kbit, constant bitrate, max. 3 min.
logo - realtime compo, you can enter the competition at place
disk cover - your entry has to be submitted in jpg/pdf format until 15th July
wild - anything that doesn't fit the others above

All entries should be presented at the party for the first time. Showing of phases or parts of your work on FB, CSDB, etc. is not allowed.

All entries will be preselected by the org team. According to the quality it might be canceled or moved to the wild category.

All your demo entries should be runable on stock machines. Sound card for Spectrum and plus4 are although allowed. If you want to release on an exotic hardware, bring your machine and let us know what's needed to put it onto the big screen.

You can enter the competitions with multiple entries.

Disk cover entries should be submitted until 15th July in jpeg or pdf format. Preferred resolution is 150dpi or more. They will be printed, laminated and showcased at the party. If needed, check media section for template!

You can submit your remote entry by email. This way you won't get any price, only the fame remains with your ranking. Send it to arok[at]c64.rulez.org!

Remix (streaming) compo entires need to include original soundtrack (for example .sid) too.


If you have some free time, take a visit on our supporters! sites! If you can afford advertising us, contact us at arok[at]c64.rulez.org. In exchange we will publish you here!

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